Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vacation in San Diego

This is just a little taste of our small vacation to San Diego. It was fun for us to get away from small town Blythe and have a little family time. Before we left, we went online and found a cool website to get our hotel. We got to stay at the Hilton Resort for really cheap. We got to go to Sea World and see all the animals (And yes, the horse was also at Sea World). Keira could have cared less about any of it, so it was mainly for the grown ups. I know that's kinda sad. But we had fun. We got to play football with a dolphin (it was playing with a football and it would push it over to us and we would throw it back). We were also trying to pet it but it only got close enough once and Brennan got to pet it real quick. So we decided to buy some food for them and pet them that way. Other than that, we saw all the shows and went to the exibits. It's amazing how they can get those animals to do those things. On Sunday we went home and on our way we went to the temple. We didn't think about it being closed on Sunday, so we had to take our pictures from outside of the gate. It was still fun to see. That was all we were able to do. Like we said, it was a "small" vacation.

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